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Scanning - Overheard on a Dark and Very Busy Dispatcher's Night

Author: Randall D. Larson, Editor, 9-1-1 Magazine

Copyright: 9-1-1 Magazine, Feature Content

Date: 2012-04-07
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Originally Published in our May 2003 issue.

“Six-One-Charley-Five, respond on a domestic disturbance.  Report of a male beating a woman with a …”


“… rabid ferret, last seen in caller’s back yard, on top of a …”


“… bald-headed man, carrying a pair of tin snips.  After the assault, he was last seen running westbound…”


 “through the peephole.  She’s afraid to open the door, but she can see him.  The subject appears to be passed out on the …”


“… railroad crossings arms.  Caller reports they are in the down position but there is no train …”


“… stuck up in the tree.   She is asking for help to get the cat down before it …”


“…expires on his next birthday.  There is a record of an earlier suspension but no current DUI priors.  No known scars, marks, or tattoos, but he…”


“…lands on Runway 30-L in about fifteen minutes.  Pilot reports a faulty hydraulic indicator.  All units stage at …”


“… a strip club downtown.  Caller did not know its name but said a woman he met there stole his wallet and also his…”


“… severe case of acne.  Suspect also walks with a limp and spoke with a noticeable …”


“… scream.  No one was seen but it sounded like a female and it came from the park across the street from the caller’s …”


“… bleeding wound.  Subject is not being cooperative to the calltaker and won’t say how it happened, although he said the suspects…”


“… exploded somewhere in the woods behind his house.  No smoke or flames seen, but the caller says there is a smell of …”


“… money being thrown out of the car.  Pursuit is heading our way and S.O. requests we set up at the …”


“… broken sewage line, contents running out into the street and causing a …”


“… meteor shower.  Groups are congregating on the road leading to the Observatory and blocking the roadway… “


“… with minestrone.  The suspect evidently threatened to assault the victim with wet …”


 “… music at an extreme volume.  Caller doesn’t know if it is …”


 “… on fire at this time.  The dumpster has a chemical placard and may contain …”


“… an angry group of teens, who were last seen on Evergreen Terrace.  Caller believes they live in a small …”


“…box of matches.  The j’s are not known to the neighborhood, and have been described as nine or …”


“… ten-four.  Six-One-Charley-Five, show me en route.”

“Copy.  Thank you Six-One-Charley-Five.  You’ll be clear Code-7 after that.”



For all we deal with - celebrate National Telecommunicator’s Week.



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Posted by: donirving
Date: 2012-06-16 22:00:33

Hilarious Randall, I think I heard that call. :)

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