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Behind IQResponse: A Q&A with Tiburon

Copyright: 9-1-1 Magazine, Feature Content

Date: 2011-08-16
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At last week’s National APCO Conference in Philadelphia, Tiburon introduced their new product, IQ Response, a next-generation product suite that integrates CAD, mobile data, fire and law records and jail management systems into a single interoperable software package.

9-1-1 Magazine spoke to Tiburon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ian Archbell (right), about the significance of the company’s new offering.

Q: What does the release of IQResponse mean to public safety communications?  What is unique about this product?

Ian Archbell: For the first time we’ve got a brand new product on the market that has been totally built from the ground up to be integrated.  Most of the products on the market today [consist of] a CAD here, a Records system for here, a jail system for here, cobbled together.  That is never going to produce a truly integrated system.  So why a truly integrated system?  It’s because the real key to this is situational awareness.  You need to be able to utilize the information provided by one system when you’re within another.  So if you’re in the CAD system and you’re dispatching somebody to a particular address, you want to know if there is a felon living in the house or if there have been previous incidents at that location.  Or supposing you’re dispatching fire, you want to know if it is somewhere where criminals are living rather than a regular residential fire, or could there be something behind this that’s more than meets the eye?  Those are some of the illustrations that frankly most systems today do not provide for, and so that’s what we’ve done with IQResponse.  We’ve totally built it to be wholly integrated and be able to utilize the information that’s provided from each of the systems within other parts of that system.

It also means a real cost savings, because there’s no data re-entry.  You’re not taking information from your CAD system and feeding it back in by hand into the Records system,  or vice-versa. With the affordability that we can provide with IQResponse, [users] may be able to implement the system essentially for half the price of a comparable system if you were going to build it using traditional solutions.

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Q: How does IQResponse leverage the latest in relevant technology and how will it accommodate developing technology yet to come?

Ian Archbell: Two things.  The IQResponse is fully Microsoft.NET - and we’ve used the latest technologies within .NET.  For example we’ve used the Windows Presentation Foundation layer to present the windows and graphics, which is the same technology that is used in games products, so it is the most powerful graphics software available today on the Windows platform. Secondly, we’ve used Windows Workflow engine, and that means that we can actually tailor the workflow as we go forward; it means that we’ll be able to be much more flexible to work with the different ways the agency works.  What we’re doing here is utilizing an engine and then being able to configure that engine to be able to work the way that they want it.  That’s also very unusual, it may be that there are other people using it but I have not seen anybody in public safety saying that we are.  So, not only are we taking advantage of the .NET platform and using some of the very latest technology in terms of presentation layer and in terms of workflow layer.

Q: What is coming up with IQResponse’s integration with iPad?

Ian Archbell: We are going to be delivering an iPad product: it’s the Tiburon Mobility Solution for iPad, at least that’s what we’re calling it today.  Most people have to use a kind of ruggedized PC in a car, and a typical configured value for one of those is four or five thousand dollars – and there are lots of people within the law enforcement organization that could do with a low-cost tool that gives them the same CAD and field reporting capabilities that are typically provided within those ruggedized laptop environments.  An iPad is somewhere in the $500 to $800 range, so it’s a very affordable solution to be able to have mobile capabilities to more or less anybody within the force.  We use the Bing and Google map applications so that you can actually use mapping capabilities whether you’re in your home base or not.  Supposing there’s a Katrina incident or something like that, you can take the same device and be able to use it in a completely different location, as opposed to everybody today who has to use a GIS data that they have for their home areas.  So this is going to be a full function CAD and field reporting  environment, but on the iPad.  We’re doing that in stages: we’re focused on getting all the key capability built into the iPad today, and in the next year or so you’ll see us add more and more to this, I believe it’s absolutely the future of mobile public safety computing going forward.

Q: How will IQResponse contribute to a developing situational awareness in the dispatch center as well as in the patrol vehicle?

Ian Archbell: The key thing really is: if you’re in a situation and you do not have all of the data at your fingertips, you do not have full certainty that you know what the current situation is.  So we think that the key to situational awareness is making all of the relevant data available.  What we’ve got is a single database view of all of the information, so we have got a thing called a MUI (Master Universal Index) and we store people, vehicle, property, all of that information in the MUI, and whatever function you’re in, the system provides every data that we have associated with that particular Index.  We’re moving the stovepipe nature of the data.  In most systems today, if you’re in one part of the application, you don’t necessarily have access to the data that’s available somewhere else.  In our case, whether you’re in Jail, you’re in Fire, or you’re in Law, or whether you’re in CAD, all of that information is available, so what you’ve got is a 360 degree view to all the data appropriate to that particular situation.  I think that’s the key.

See Tiburon’s new product announcement on IQResponse here.

For more information on Tiburon and IQResponse, see:




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