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Speech Analytics Now Primed For 'Law' And 'Order'

Author: Tony Procops, CyberTech

Copyright: Copyright 9-1-1 Magazine, Feature Content,

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The use of automated speech recognition technology in business is nothing new.  We see it all the time in the customer service industry – with voice-directedcall routing, voice verification, identification of unhappy customers and so on.  Albeit an advancement with tremendous value, we have not yet seen it used in the emergency services industry.  You may be asking why.  Perhaps it is due to the complex implementation processes often seen when trying to use this technology.  Maybe it is the perceived high price cost of such solutions.  We do not know for sure, but one thing is for certain.  These and other hurdles have been overcome in the realm of speech technology, and they no longer inhibit public safety organizations from leveraging these innovative and highly proven technologies to improve their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

In fact, at an affordable price point – and now being easy-to-install, manage and use – speech technology is primed to dramatically enhance the capabilities of police, fire and emergency services organizations and investigative agencies across the board.

A new generation of speech technology now on the market enables first responders to quickly and easily search through unstructured media, such as dispatch recordings and radio transmissions, for the information and insights necessary to both respond to and investigate public emergency incidents.  With this readily accessible intelligence in hand, these agencies have greater capabilities with which to optimize emergency response efforts, improve call-taker performance and dramatically improve the investigative process.

These new advanced solutions greatly increase the speed and accuracy of audio searches, based on phonetic indexing and search technology.  Searches can be quickly modified by including or excluding certain calls based on relevance.

Specific capabilities and organizational benefits of such speech technology include:

Optimized Emergency Response

  • Tip-Line Screening: Viable tips (perhaps mentioning the red scarf of a missing person) can be quickly identified among hundreds or thousands of audio recordings instead of manually wading through them to find high-probability leads.
  • Intelligence Gathering: All audio mentioning specific word(s) can be immediately accessed to provide first responders with as much information as possible related to the specific incident.

Improved Call-Taker Performance

  • Dispatcher Assessment:  Audio recordings can be automatically searched for the absence of specific words and phrases to verify whether dispatchers are using the correct protocols.
  • Proactive Call Review: Dispatch supervisors can quickly set up automated alerts for the system to search audio recordings for certain words or phrases, perhaps associated with a certain type of incident, to measure call-taker effectiveness and to have those specific calls brought to the agency’s attention. 

Enhanced Investigations

  • Finding Key Evidence: Investigators are often tasked with listening to every call, or creating transcriptions of every call associated with a case, looking for the one interaction that will break the case open.  Speech technology can help organize what calls to listen to first (based on specific spoken words identified in the recordings), bringing about resolution much more quickly. 
  • Identifying Related Evidence: Once a key piece of evidence is uncovered in the investigation, authorities can quickly access any audio recordings from witnesses, for example, that are directed related – based on specific spoken words or key phrases.

Armed with this type of new speech technology, public safety organizations can not only improve upon the overall effectiveness of their agency, but they also take one giant step forward in terms of Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) readiness.  Speech analytics capabilities are seen as an integral component in the NG911 arsenal.

Perhaps the best news about this new breed of technology is how quickly, easily and cost effectively it can be implemented into your center. Running on existing hardware and able to seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure and applications, this software can be up and running in a matter of days and at a modest cost.  Once installed, it is also quite easy to navigate and manage in order to reap its full utility and value.

You now have every reason possible to start taking a serious look at how new speech technology solutions can improve your organization – from top to bottom.


Tony Procops, founder, President and CEO of CyberTech North America, has over 25 years experience leading recording technology companies.  CyberTech is the fastest growing, longest-standing and 3rd largest global call recording provider offering the most secure, open and future-proof solutions for organizations to rapidly improve performance, optimize service, mitigate risk, lower cost and maintain compliance.

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