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Montecito Debris Flow: A Video Tribute to the Emergency Responders 

Watch this moving video compilation of images and sounds, including dispatch radio recordings, from mid-January’s devastating and deadly mudslides/debris flows in this cozy, seaside Santa Barbara County (CA) town. “I'm still searching for the right words to explain the heroism that I heard and that I witnessed the past few weeks,” said photographer Zach Warburg. “This compilation gives just a taste of what happened during the Montecito Mudslides. To all the first responders, from dispatchers (who are the very FIRST first responders) to the nurses and doctors in the hospitals and everyone in between, thank you for all that you do.”

(Note: except where otherwise indicated, all photos are by Zack Warburg).

Click here or on image above to watch the video on Zack Warburg Photography's Facebook page.
(you do not need to me a FB member to watch the video). 

Video Tour of Utica PD’s New Mobile Command Center 

The Utica Police Department has featured their LDV built mobile command center on their YouTube channel. Take a comprehensive tour of the vehicle and learn how having such a resource can aid agencies to prepare for and handle all kinds of major incidents and emergencies.

The Utica Police Department, with the help of a $250,000 grant from NYS Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, has a new State-of-the-Art Mobile Command Center. Listen as Captain David Mickle describes how the Mobile Command Center was realized and how it gives the UPD all the tools necessary to handle any situation.

Watch video here

Cal OES INSIDE LOOK: Recovery & Remembrance from Devastating Wildfires

On this edition of Cal OES’s Inside Look:

It was the deadliest week of wildfires in California’s history. One month after a series of devastating wildfires ripped through several counties in Northern California, the first signs of hope and recovery are rising from the ashes, but there is still plenty of work to be done. 

We go back to some of the hardest hit neighborhoods and show you signs of hope already rising from the ashes. We hear from residents who are lining up to take the next steps toward rebuilding. We talk with the state’s top emergency manager about the recovery process.

And, we never forget.

Watch the 12-minute video on youtube here or on Facebook here

Thomas Marchese's Police LODD Documentary, Narrated by Michael Chiklis, Opening September 8th 

Every 53 hours in the United States, a police officer is killed in the line of duty. However these losses go mostly unnoticed, overshadowed by sensational, politically charged headlines of the day. The documentary film FALLEN takes a deeply personal look at the stories behind these statistics. More than five years in the making, the film follows the stories of eight fallen officers from across the country. Told through the eyes of those closest to them, as well as the communities they served, these stories offer a sobering glimpse into a routinely overlooked and misunderstood reality.

FALLEN hits theaters and VOD September 8th via Gravitas Ventures. Directed, written, and produced by former detective and retired Sgt. Thomas Marchese and produced By Brenda Strong and John Farmanesh-Bocca, the 76-minute documentary examines the statistics of US police officers killed in the line of duty and their untold stories, relayed through the eyes and hearts of the partners, families, and communities left behind. The film is narrated by actor Michael Chiklis. The official theatrical trailer has just been released – watch it on youtube here

EVOC: Go for a Spin with the CHP

Cadets at the California Highway Patrol Academy in West Sacramento must undergo intense training, including weapons and firearm training, arrest techniques, and grueling physical fitness challenges. As part of their training every cadet must complete a specialized driver’s education called the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course or EVOC. This high intensity course teaches cadets how to master performance maneuvers.  Let’s go for a ride and see what it’s all about…WATCH VIDEO (via CalOES, 7/28/17)

A 'horrific privilege': The untold story behind the officers at the Aurora theater shooting  

Last Thursday, July 21st, was the fifth anniversary of the Aurora Theater Shooting in Colorado, a tragedy that affected first responders and theatergoers from around the country. 9news in Denver, Colorado, ran a story now archived on their web site about the officers who responded to the shooting, and how the event continues to affect them today.

"In their first televised interviews since the Aurora theater shooting, eight of the responding police officers tell 9Wants to Know their recovery is ongoing. Some are doing better than others. Some continue to struggle with their experience. This story attempts to discuss their actions in a way that allows the reader/viewer an opportunity to better understand the mindset of the officers five years after their response."

Above: The first officers to respond to the Aurora theater shooting sat down with 9NEWS for an interview five years after 12 lives were lost inside theater 9.    (Photo: KUSA) Click on image to watch video and read story at

Hollywood feature film ONLY THE BRAVE offers moving tribute to Granite Mountain Hotshots

Coming in October, new movie stars Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connely, Andie MacDowell, and Miles Teller in a moving drama based on the elite crew firefighting team from Prescott, Arizona who battled a wildfire in Yarnell, AZ in June 2013 that claimed the lives of 19 of their members.

Watch the film's trailer on youtube here:


Hold The Phone! Sheriff's ‘Carpool Cruiser’ Video Series Features 9-1-1 Dispatcher

Deputies have heard her for voice over their radios for nearly ten years. So have callers to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatch Center in Naples, Florida.

Senior Dispatcher Julie Wilson is the special guest in the latest edition of “Carpool Cruiser,” the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s occasional video series features deputies talking about their jobs while riding around in a sheriff’s cruiser.

The latest episode features Lt. J.J. Carroll behind the wheel asking his passenger Wilson questions about her job ranging from the training that is required to some of her most memorable calls.

Click on image at right to watch the dispatch episode on Collier County’s youtube page 

NYPD Puts Smart Cars in Service for Park Patrol

From a story posted at CBS This Morning on June 27, 2017, 9:25 AM

For years, NYPD deputy commissioner Robert Martinez tried to get his department’s command staff to approve his idea of acquiring small Smart cars as patrol vehicles in out of the way areas like parks and congested parking areas. "They said no," Martinez told CBS News, in a report posted on Tuesday. "They said the car looks wimpy." But Martinez didn't see it that way at all. "I would call it friendly. I would call it neighborhood friendly," Martinez said. "It's disarming.

The Smart car is intended for one officer only, and it's one of nearly 200 vehicles the NYPD uses mostly for ticket writing and patrolling places other cars can't – like the narrow paths in Central Park.  The Smart car comes equipped with air conditioning and airbags, and costs about $6,000 less than the three-wheel scooter it's replacing. 

Watch the NYPD News Video [pictured, above] posted on twitter here

Watch the CBS News video report here

For more details, read our longer news report here

Cal OES launches Documentary, State of Urgency: Managing California’s Historical Drought

During the four years of drought facing emergency managers in California from 2014-2017, a small team from the Cal OES Office of Public Information made it their mission to document various moments and milestones of the state’s efforts to respond to, and recover from, the ongoing drought with video, photographs and interviews. This documentary, now completed, gives viewers access like they've never had before to better understand the immense weight that rested upon the shoulders of decision makers.


Click on image above or here to watch the film at Cal OES's Documentary Home Page. The page also includes some bonus video material not included in the official documentary (i.e., “deleted scenes!”)

Video: Alley Cats Mural - San Francisco Firehouse Station 1

A pleasing meeting of fine art and firefighting has occurred in this public art mural project at San Francisco FD's new Station 1. Students from the Academy of Arts University’s School of Fine Art have donated their considerable skills to a dedication mural for San Francisco Firehouse Station 1 in the South Market area. The mural depicts the history of the fire department in the city and the officers who serve the community. Does public art provide a better environment to the community it serves?

Watch the short video here


Glenn Heights Police officer saves local Jack in the Box from burning car in drive-thru

At approximately 9:14pm on February 11, 2017, Officers with the Glenn Heights (TX) Police Department responded to a vehicle fire located in the drive-thru lane of the Jack in the Box restaurant, located at 1703 S. Beckley Rd. Upon arrival, officers observed a Ford truck engulfed in flames dangerously close to the structure.  Officer Chris Womack was first on scene and, after sizing up the incident, maneuvered into the drive-thru lane and pushed the burning car (which appeared to have its parking brakes on) out of the drive-thru lane and a safe distance away from the building and its drive-thru cashier’s window.  Due to Womack’s courage and quick thinking he was able to prevent a burning vehicle from causing major damage to the Jack in the Box while protecting the employees. No injuries were reported.

To watch the video on Youtube, click here or on the image above right.

-via Glenn Heights PD on Youtube/02/14/17

Spokane officer pulls woman from burning car

Via from a story by Matt Pusatory, KHQ Local News Web Producer

A Spokane (WA) police officer is credited with saving a woman's life after he pulled her from a burning car on the city’s north side.

Shortly before 10PM on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, Spokane 9-1-1 received  a call from a woman reporting she was trapped in her burning vehicle.  “She told police she was trying to kick the windows out but couldn't,” KHQ’s Matt Pusatory reported in an online news story. Dispatchers simulcast the fire call on the Spokane police frequency, and several officers responded to the call.

“Officer Tim Schwering was the first to arrive on the scene, just before fire crews,” Pusatory wrote. “He managed to break a hole in the window with his baton, but was unable to unlock the door. He was forced to reach in and pull the entire driver's side window out, then he helped the woman climb out of the window. A neighbor also helped with rescue efforts.”

Office Schwering was treated and released from a local hospital for smoke inhalation; the vehicle’s driver was treated at the scene and released from further medical need. The neighbor who helped was treated for a minor cut from the broken window.

Click here or on image above to watch the Officer’s body cam footage of the rescue.

Foster City PD’s Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded, often with the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. The hashtag #MannequinChallenge was used for popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is believed that the phenomenon was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2016.  The initial posting has inspired works by other groups, especially professional athletes and sports teams that have posted increasingly complex and elaborate videos.

Not to be outdone by pro sports, the Foster City Police Department in California’s Bay Area recently created its own Mannequin Challenge video and posted it to several online video services.  The video begins with a close up of Police Chief Joe Pierucci during briefing, then moves out, in a single take, through the police building and out into a parking lot, where officers are trying to engage a local celebrity, news channel KRON4’s People Behaving Badly host Stanley Roberts, red handed with presumably stolen evidence.

Kudos to FCPD for an engaging, fun, and outstandingly posed Mannequin Challenge!

Watch the video here on vimeo

For more information on the Mannequin Challenge trend, see this article on

and check this page at Wikipedia

Excessive Violence? PD Dash & Body Cam Video Shows the Other Side of the Story

Cellphone video alleging police use of excessive force has proliferated in both news and social media in recent years, but in many of those situations, such as this one from Lenexa, KS, those cellphones only get one side of the story – from one perspective, as this report from KSHB TV Kansas reveals.

While the incident occurred last year (July, 2015), it’s a valuable reminder that one perspective doesn’t necessarily convey the correct viewpoint of what happened – and that the proper use of body cameras for police operations can be vital to defending accusations of excessive force – or not.

Images from

Watch the report at here

"So You think You Can Dispatch?" 

Black Helmet Films, producer of the “Another 24” mini-series about the life of firefighters, has put together a new video to showcase dispatch in honor of National Telecommunicators’ Week.  Featuring the Shreveport, Louisiana Fire Dispatchers at Caddo Parish 9-1-1, this is an excellent 15-minute video worth sharing with your responders and community alike.

“The job of a 9-1-1 dispatcher is intense and demanding. It requires a certain type of person with focus and the heart of a servant. 9-1-1 dispatchers are the unsung heroes pulling the strings behind the scenes to create calm out of chaos.”

View the Video on Youtube here or click image at right

ThankYou911 Video Playing in Times Square throughout April  

In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2016 (April 10-16, 2016), all through the month of April millions of visitors to New York City will see this #ThankYou911 message playing once each hour on one of the giant screens in Times Square! Thanks to Motorola for their generous support!

Watch the short video on youtube here or click image at right

Dispatch: A Short (and very powerful) Film

A rookie 9-1-1 dispatcher receives a bizarre phone call, plunging him into a horrific waiting game. 

Based on a true story, DISPATCH, a short film, was made to bring awareness and honor to all emergency dispatchers and what they do for our communities.

Directed by Caleb Hermann and starring Tosin Morohunfola, Jeff Staab, Sarah McGuire, Aaron Hermann, the film is an intense and insightful story about a recent incident that some of you may recall reading about.  Evoking the reality of the 9-1-1 dispatch environment and featuring authentic and sensitive performances, the film provides a sobering look at the reality of the 9-1-1 dispatcher as that vital link between public and public safety, and the rare qualities that characterize those who dedicate themselves towards serving their community – both in non-emergency situations and, as this film shows, in their most dire hour of need.

Watch the full 6:56 minute video on youtube 

The trailer is viewable for all, on vimeo

For more information, see the production company’s web site at

RELATED STORY: Behind the Scenes of DISPATCH: 9-1-1 Magazine spoke with Caleb Hermann about his objectives in making the film, what it took from pre-production through shooting and post-production to get it done – and what it means to the 9-1-1 profession.

Runaway 'Unicorn' Leads Police On A 4-Hour Chase

Imagine you’re the 9-1-1 dispatcher who receives multiple calls from motorists reporting a unicorn running loose down a rural roadway.  And it’s not a full moon.

That’s exactly what happened in Madera Ranchos last Wednesday evening, February 24th, 2016. It’s a rural ranching community in California’s central valley, where roads are long and narrow and are usually given numbers instead of names.

Multiple drivers reported seeing the 400-pound animal, wearing a pink halter and horn, trotting into traffic on different highways. CHP ground units as well as a FLIR-capable CHP helicopter came in to assist in capturing the horned beast, but it proved to be too elusive and maneuverable. 

Watch the video report on the incident at at KMPH-KFRE News here .

Read our longer report, combined from multiple sources, here .


Oregon deputy rescues toddler found running down busy highway 

An alert Oregon trooper on patrol averted tragedy when he spotted a toddler running down the middle of Oregon’s busy Highway 101. The child had slipped away from his parents at a nearby community center and was heading right toward the deputy’s patrol car.  Dashcam video shows Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Gautney spotting the 2-year-old boy running on Highway 101 outside Newport on January 9.

Click here to watch the short video at

Read & watch the video shown in an extended story at

Texas Police Pull Over Chewbacca, Other 'Star Wars' Characters

We’ve got a bad feeling about this.

It wasn’t too far away nor too long ago when this video was provided by the Fulshear Police Department in Fort Bend County, Texas, showing one of their officers in an unusual close encounter with characters from the STAR WARS universe. 

Click here or on image above to watch video on YouTube

Sorry, no, this Maryland Fire Truck is NOT “Drifting”

A video posted to YouTube showing a Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue Truck responding to a call has viewers all excited about a fire truck “drifting" through the intersection and have shared the video far and wide with enthusiasm... But they're wrong.

The video, along with several other views and versions, has gone viral on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites.  Gawkers are amazed at the sideways motion of Montgomery County’s Fire & Rescue Truck 734 as it maneuvers through traffic southbound on Route 355 through the Middlebrook Road intersection,  sharing the video link and claiming they're seeing a fire truck “drifting,” in the parlance of the motorsport of oversteering to allow a vehicle to skid (“drift”) while under control at high speed through a curve.

What these viewers and posters and sharers, of course, don’t understand is that Montgomery County’s Truck 734 is a tiller truck, which has steering on both front and rear axles.  In addition to the driver in the forward cab, there is a second in the back of the tiller steering the rear wheels, allowing the truck to move laterally and this maneuver through heavy traffic and narrow streets.

A number of firefighters and other tiller-aware educators trying gently to explain the concept of tillering the rig, and that, honestly, fire trucks do not “drift.”  Well, perhaps not until the next FAST & FURIOUS movie, and even then, certainly not a articulated rig!

For a good demonstration video of the turning capabilities of a tiller truck, see this more video about Pierce’s tiller for the Pacific Grove (Utah) FD. 

Drones give emergency responders a bird's-eye view of Utah flash flooding

The Utah Division of Emergency Management (DEM) has released new video showing the spot where flash floods started in Hildale and Colorado City. The emergency division was able to follow the flood path and get upclose and far-away looks, proving drones are becoming a valuable resource for emergency responders in disaster areas.

"We're able to see real-time what the camera on the quad-copter is seeing," said Joe Dougherty with the division.

In only the second time the state's emergency department deployed its drone on a natural disaster, the Hildale drone footage captured valuable information for emergency crews. "We were able to fly and show exactly the flood channel — right down inside the actual channel, which you would never get a helicopter in there," Dougherty said.

The video not only aided in search efforts, but helped assess the widespread damage. "Documenting nature's destruction is also a really important function that we do," Dougherty said. "If we were ever to make a request to the federal government for help, video is going to give us loads of information."

Click on image at above right or here to watch the floodpath flyover on the Utah DEM youtube page.

Watch the complete news story with embedded videos on here

Slide Show: How does the Incident Management Team system work? 

With the number of wildfires burning across the Western United States in recent weeks, the use of the Incident Command System was an absolute necessity to keep individual incidents organized and order the right kind of resources necessary to manage and mitigate the fires.  The use of formal, qualified Incident Management Teams became apparent to provide a high level of leadership in fighting these massive wildfires.

The US Forest Service has put together a photo-based, captioned slide show to describe what these national Incident Management Teams are, and how and why they are utilized to maintain a high level of dedicated and qualified management on incidents such as we are seeing in the current Western US wildfires.

Click the slide show here or on the image above to watch the slideshow (27 images).

Click on first image at this link and then click next (arrow, right side of image) for sequential slide show.

Note: This is a Facebook-page based photo album – you must be a Facebook member to access it.

Powerful new Pub Ed video from AT&T about Don’t Text/Glance/Email While You're Driving

AT&T's "It Can Wait" public education campaign hasn't pulled any punches in educating cellphone users about the dangers of texting and driving.

Marking the campaign's fifth anniversary, the company has created a beautiful but horrifying film that shows how not just a text, but any smartphone activity while driving, can endanger users and those around them.

In Close To Home, directed by Anonymous Content's Frederic Planchon, we are introduced to six characters on a perfectly average day. Their lives are then irrevocably changed by the devastating consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving.

As AT&T reminds EVERYONE, no post is worth a life. It Can Wait.

Click image at right or here to watch video on Youtube

Unsung: A Day in the Life of Hard Work: Wildland Firefighter

An interesting behind-the-scenes look at the working world of a Florida forestry firefighter, as part of Shell Rotella's "Unsung - A Day in  the Life of Hard Work,” a series of highly stylized, dynamic short-form documentaries that capture the often overlooked heroes who are working behind-the-scenes of almost every industry.

Katie Corrigan is a wildland firefighter for the National Park Service in Everglades National Park, and a new mother. Katie and her fellow firefighters use specialized tools and techniques like drip torches and aerial ignitions to manage prescribed burns – fires started and controlled by firefighters, designed to stimulate natural plant growth and reduce the risk of a larger, uncontrollable burn.

The video does a good job conveying what it takes to tame the Everglades and showcasing the hard work exemplified by those in the industry on a daily basis.

Click here or on image at right to watch video on youtube

Video: Motorcycle Crashes Into Fire Truck

A unique perspective on a traffic collision and its aftermath when a motorcycle crashes head-on into a Fire Dept Crew Bus in the L.A. hills.

The incident occurred a few months ago but the driver’s GoPro video, which recorded the entire incident, was just recently shared online.

Remarkably, the motorcyclist survived the collision, but suffered two compound fractures of his left leg and a severely broken arm. 

According to a report posted at, sharing a story originally appearing on (we’re sharing the firerescue1 link because it is sans commercial), 24-year-old Jesse Lopez racing up Glendora Ridge Road on April 1 with another biker, when he came to a blind curve and crashed into the firetruck. “His GoPro camera went flying off his helmet and captured him laying on the ground as it flew in the air,” read the report.  “Lopez's friend picked up the camera, nervously pacing as crew members rushed to help Lopez, who suffered two compound fractures in his left leg and a severely broken arm. He was later airlifted to a trauma center.”

"Especially head-on, you don't think many people would survive that. Guess he's lucky to be alive," his friend Angelo Guerrero said.

For a short (30-sec) clip of the impact, see the video on youtube

Better: watch the full-length video (19 mins), which shows the ride up to the encounter with the fire truck, and the aftermath as the mc driver is treated by firefighters and coordinate the response and arrival of a medical helicopter at

How dispatchers should handle chemical suicide calls

This 8.5-minute  training video posted at looks at how 9-1-1 dispatchers can better recognize and respond to chemical-suicide calls to keep responders safe:

Click here or on image above to watch video

 - via

Superbowl 9-1-1 Domestic Violence Spot

Watch the official Super Bowl NO MORE ad (the first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault) and pledge to say NO MORE at The 30 second version of NO MORE's Super Bowl ad will air live during the first quarter of NFL Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015.

The spot's only audio, a real 9-1-1 call played in its entirely, also sends a powerful message about 9-1-1 dispatchers with its closing statement.

Click here or image at right to watch the full-length 60-second version of the video on youtube


Inside the Inferno: Adelaide Hills Ablaze, A Firefighter’s Perspective

Just another day at the office for these Aussie firefighters, assigned to structure protection in the midst of a growing wildfire near Adelaide, South Australia.  At least a dozen homes were destroyed by the fire in the Adelaide Hills, with another 20 also feared lost.  Wearing a Go-pro helmet-mounted videocam, move in with this firefighter and his crew to protect this wilderness structure.

Click here or on image at right to view the video via

Dramatic Video: Fire truck collides with police helicopter blades in Chile


A Chilean fire truck arriving at an accident scene collides with the rotors of a police helicopter landed at the same event.  According to the news reports quoted, the landing zone was closed/secured and the fire truck was approved to enter the area, but clearly drive too close to the whirling blades. Three police officers were injured, and the helicopter pilot (outside the ‘copter but struck by the tail as it began its spin) remains in critical condition. 

The comments on the news report add some interesting further information about how and why the ‘copter kept spinning on the ground.

Click image to read full story, watch several videos at

Florida cop pushes disabled man to safety from storm

Within seconds of the officer arriving to help the man, lightning struck near the two 

From report by Lindsey Fry, NBC2/FORT MYERS, Fla.

Fort Myers (FL) police officer Gil Benitez works the night beat. He tells us his nights are far from boring. On Thursday night, around 8:30 p.m., he received an unusual call of a man in a wheelchair stuck in the rain. He responded to Bent Creek Loop, where he saw Michael Arnold sitting in his electric wheel chair on the side of the road.  Within seconds of Benitez arriving to help Arnold, lightning struck near the two.  Amidst pelting rain and in danger of further lightning strikes, Officer Benitez pushed Arnold’s stuck wheelchair the block to his home, then dried him off and stayed with him until family arrived.

The news anchor concluded the report with, “As we spoke to the officer today he reminded us that, while there are bad things that happen in our cities, there are many good things…”

Watch the story, and the video (clearest version, no commercial), at  Originally posted at

Epic DC-10 Wildfire Air Tanker "Movie Trailer"

From the Santa Maria Air Tanker Base in California comes this epic tribute to the
DC-10 Air Tanker, made in the style of an epic hero movie trailer.

Coming soon to a wildfire near you!

Click here or on the image at right to watch the video on YouTube.

Video: Texas cop rescues woman seconds before train hits them

A video released by the Richmond Police Department captures an officer pulling a woman from railroad tracks moments before a train speeds by:

Via Richmond (TX) Police and

The incident was reported on the department’s Facebook page:
On Sunday, June 22, at approximately 1:00 AM, Officer R. Morales with the Richmond Police Department was flagged down in reference to a female sitting on the railroad tracks in town. Officer Morales responded and found a female on the tracks. As he approached the railroad crossing the warning lights and bell sounded for an approaching train. Without regard for his own safety Officer Morales went on the tracks and pulled the female off shortly before the train arrived at the location. Officer Morales then kept the female from standing back up and running back to the train. The female was later taken the hospital for an evaluation.

Facebook members can view video on Richmond PD Facebook Page

For those who do not have Facebook, read story and watch video here at


Helicopter rescue of fallen hiker at Yosemite Falls

On May 28, 2014, at approximately 11:45 am, the Yosemite Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call from an individual in a party of four backpackers stating that one of the members of the party had fallen into the creek at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall.  When the hiker slipped and fell into the creek, the swift water of the creek flushed him through more than 100 feet of whitewater before he was able to pull himself onto a boulder in the middle of the gorge.  Had the subject been unable to self-rescue by getting onto the rock, he would have taken fatal plunge over the lower waterfall.

Once Park rangers arrived on scene to assess the situation, a short-haul rescue was called for.  Park Helicopter 551 was called in to rescue the hiker from his position inside the gorge.  After flying to the site, the helicopter inserted a rescuer into the subject’s location, who put the victim into a harness and brought him up into the helicopter along with the attendant rescuer.  The patient was lifted out of the gorge and back to Ahwahnee Meadow, where he was transferred to an ambulance and treated for hypothermia.  The person had no injuries.

Click here or on image at above right to watch video at web site

Click here to read more details about the incident.


Dubai's super fleet: World's fastest police car

Dubai police show off their impressive collection of high end sports cars.

Click here or on image at right to view video on the blutube.policeone web site

Serve & Protect: Plain Talk About PTSD & Suicide
Free 15 minute Video for In-service Training

This 15 minute video contains considerable information regarding PTSD and Suicide in these professions. Serve & Protect is pleased to provide it free for use in your training sessions. Our goal is to help those who serve our communities. Share it with others in these professions too.

Watch the video via youtube:

For more information on Serve & Protect, see


Modesto, California Fire Helmet Cam
Three-alarm fire in Modesto shows challenges firefighters faced


Posted by Modesto Firefighters Local 1289 on YouTube - On 05/16/2014 at 18:16 Modesto Regional Fire Authority responded to a 3 alarm fire at 516 Comstock Court. The following raw footage is from a helmet camera worn by a MRFA Firefighter who responded to the Emerald Ave. fire with over 22 other units from Modesto and neighboring agencies. Firefighters were challenged by 15-20 mph winds and lack of initial man power. The fire started in dry vegetation and quickly spread to adjacent homes. The fire damaged 8 homes and burned nearly 20 acres of field. Due to low staffing levels, Modesto was left unprotected for hours. During that period of time MRFA resources were forced to stop responding to medical emergencies. In addition an entire off duty shift was called in to respond for subsequent emergencies that still had to be answered.

Click image or here to watch video at


Essential Swiftwater Rescue PubEd Video Available on youtube

Among the most important swiftwater safety videos you’ll see, and one that did much to educate public safety as well as the public in the early days of swiftwater rescue understanding, is NO WAY OUT, which is now available on youtube.

NO WAY OUT was created in 1993, largely in response to the February 12th 1992 drowning death of a San Ferna

ndo Valley 15-year-old named Adam Bischoff. Bischoff, one of dozens of youth who’ve lost their lives in Los Angeles’ concreted waterways.

On a rainy day, Bischoff got into the concrete Calabasas Creek. Heavy flows quickly washed him miles downstream, into the Los Angeles River. Despite a heroic L.A. Fire Department mobilization to save him, the boy perished. His body was later recovered in the Sepulveda Basin.

The incident did a great deal to drive awareness of local drowning dangers, and helped spur local emergency responders to create more robust Swift Water Rescue units. The 20-minute NO WAY OUT continues to raise awareness about the seriousness of drowning dangers in urban waterways.

NO WAY OUT was created Nancy J. Rigg, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and frequent 9-1-1 Magazine writer, who in 1980 had lost her fiancé Earl Higgins to the Los Angeles River.  Higgins helped to rescue a youth who had fallen into the river; but in doing so he was swept in himself and drowned.

The tragedy changed the direction of Nancy Rigg’s life. She became a tireless champion of swiftwater rescue programs, drowning victim support, and public education on the dangers of concrete waterways.  Rigg previously created the acclaimed video, DANGER! DEBRIS FLOW, about the dangers and differences of flash floods and debris flows.

Watch NO WAY OUT Part 1 on youtube

Watch NO WAY OUT Part 2 on youtube

Watch DANGER! DEBRIS FLOW on youtube



For more information on the Drowning Support Network, click here


Video Tribute to Forest Service Firefighters

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has produced a very slick video about wildland firefighting, named “The Heart of a Firefighter.”

The purpose of the video is “show what we do as USFS firefighters and also the drive and passion of the people that fight fire,” noted Jason Steinmetz of the USFS Washington Office.

The teaser video focuses on the men and women involved in Fire and Aviation Management, who well represent the pride exemplified by all Forest Service and other employees in "caring for the land and serving people."

The video portrays the brave wildland firefighters of all federal, state and local agencies serving to protect millions of acres of our forests, our communities, and our natural resources.

This is a two-minute “teaser” of the final product which is expected to be five to eight minutes long. 

Click image or here to watch the video on youtube


New Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice and Survival Documentary Available 

Now available in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats, Heroes Behind The Badge: Sacrifice & Survival is the new highly anticipated follow up documentary film to the original Heroes Behind The Badge, released in 2012.   This new documentary film, produced in partnership with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund not only features the harrowing stories of the fallen, but also focuses on the incredibly inspiring stories of those who have been critically injured in the line of duty and have survived against all odds.

This new film tells the stories of brave officers who have laid down their lives in the line of duty and also the stories of the countless officers each year who are physically disabled, many of them permanently, in violent confrontations.

Heroes Behind The Badge: Sacrifice & Survival aims to change the way we look at the men and women of law enforcement and recognize these officers for the supreme sacrifices they make to protect and serve the public.

Click image at left or here to watch the trailer for the new documentary film on youtube. 

For more information, see

To order, see:

See also our story on the first Heroes Behind the Badge movie here .


Law Enforcement Cross Country Holiday Greetings Video

Happy Holidays from more than 33 agencies across the United States. Local police and sheriff departments filmed holiday greetings and sent them to the Arlington Texas Police Department, which posted them on youtube


National 9-1-1 Program Announces New Video on Benefits of NG9-1-1

Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 is a complex issue and its success requires the support and collaboration of not just the 9-1-1 community, but of first responders, legislators, and the public. 

The National 911 Program has released a short video that explains the benefits of NG9-1-1 for all of these audiences.  The video:

  • Summarizes the need for NG9-1-1
  • Explains a non-technical overview of the expected benefits of NG911
  • Identifies potential challenges in the transition process
  • Serves as a useful tool for introducing NG911 to those who are not familiar with NG911, but are essential to a successful transition.

The three-minute animated video was developed to serve as a discussion catalyst, and includes a variety of issues for continued discussion, such as technical standards, governance and potential legislative changes.

State administrators, 9-1-1 Authorities and county and city 9-1-1 leaders may consider sharing the video with other 9-1-1 community leaders, or with first responders, legislators, and state/local agencies.

The video is free and available for use at conferences, in presentations, in one-on-one meetings or at town hall gatherings. The video can be viewed, shared and downloaded at


Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights PSA

The Santa Clara County (CA) EMS System has produced a Public Service Announcement that is intended to teach drivers and pedestrians what to do when they encounter an emergency vehicle operating with emergency lights and siren. The video was produced using active EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers, firefighters, and deputies from the Santa Clara County EMS System.

30 and 60+ second versions have also been produced in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

This PSA has been produced with funding from the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Trust Fund. Sponsorship for this video provided by the Santa Clara County EMS Agency, Santa Clara County Fire Chief's Association, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.

Click here or on image above to watch the video at youtube.

For more information see

What Happens When You Call 9-1-1?

An excellent example of a public education video about 9-1-1.  Oak Park (Illinois) firefighter Colleen Kobyleski takes a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you call 9-1-1.

Click here, or the image above, to view the video on youtube. 

Originally posted to youtube in 2011.


So the Sheriff Hired a Dispatcher

Earlier this year, the Fort Bend County (Texas) Sheriff’s Department posted this video, recognizing the hard work of their 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers – making a valuable tribute to telecommunicators everywhere.

Click here, or the image above, to view the video at the Fort Bend County Sheriff web site

 For more information on the Fort Bend Sheriff's Office, see


Valuable Situational Awareness Lesson in Dashcam Video as Pursuit Ends When Woman Collides With Train

This dashboard camera footage comes from the Woods Cross (Utah) Police Department.  After pursuing a suspect associated with an unwanted guest disturbance call, an officer witnesses the suspect drive into a southbound freight train passing through on the farthermost track of a double-track railroad crossing.  Her car stuck on the closer track, she is then hit and propelled ahead by a second southbound train.

The pursuing officer was attempting to remove the driver from the vehicle when a second officer arrived and alerted him to the oncoming second train, allowing him to step out of the way seconds before the collision.

The woman in the car survived with minor injuries, including a broken arm. And a new arrest record.

This makes an excellent situational awareness video – had the second officer not arrived in time to alert the first of the oncoming second train, this could well have been a line of duty death.

Watch the video here .

Read the news story, with embedded video, here

- via Chris Berwick and, Utah.





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