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Results - Topic: Workstation Consoles & Furniture

A Hybrid Wireless Location Solution Could Potentially Save More Lives

A primary reason to consider a hybrid technology solution for indoor E9-1-1 location is that the strengths and weaknesses of U-TDOA and A-GPS are remarkably complementary: A-GPS works best in rural and remote areas, while U-TDOA works best in suburban and urban environments. Working together, both technologies create the optimum solution for locating wireless 9-1-1 calls.

A Manager's Guide to Dispatch Chairs

Few things are anatomically further from yet closer to a telecommunicator's heart than his or her... well... er, seat. After all, even in jurisdictions that utilize adjustable consoles, chances are that a good portion of the shift is spent sitting down. And, with overtime and twelve hour shifts a daily reality for some, poorly designed or constructed seating can be a real pain in the; well, you get the picture.

Another Fine Mess: Untangling the Web of PSAP Wiring

From our Nov/Dec 2008 issue: Anyone who says we're living in a wireless world has obviously never spent much time beneath the two by two carpet squares that hide what lies below. It is, after all, a scientific fact that if all the subterranean cabling were gathered from every dispatch center around the world and laid end to end, it would reach far past the edges of our solar system and into a distant galaxy.

City of Waterbury Selects EFJohnson to Deploy Next Generation Communications System

Waterbury, Conn. has awarded a $4-million contract to EFJohnson to deploy the next generation of the city's radio communications system. EFJohnson will provide the city with its ATLAS P25 Trunked Simulcast System Solution, a complete Land Mobile Radio (LMR) simulcast solution featuring a patented, fully distributed architecture for outstanding reliability, resiliency and scalability.

Communications International Completes Upgrade of Dispatch Operations in Chowan County, NC

Communications International has completed installation of a new dispatch system designed to improve operations and enhance 9-1-1 dispatch capabilities for first responders in Chowan County, NC. The new system features customized dispatch solution features Harris Symphony consoles.

Concepts in Next-Generation PSAP Furniture

Although many dispatchers prefer working in dimly lit atmospheres, when it comes to the overall quality and features of their workstations, the future is exceedingly bright. New levels of solidity, flexibility, and user control are now being introduced by leading console furniture suppliers - all to the benefit of emergency communications professionals patrolling the stressful front lines of public interface.

Consoles, Seating & Ergonomics

Modern dispatch centers by necessity are full of electronic appliances, all of which have to be interconnected and available to the dispatcher. As the quantity of information systems increases, dispatch workstation space has shrunk in order to keep all of it within easy reach. It wasn't long ago that dispatch centers - and there are still some out there today - were designed in such a way that dispatchers faced ongoing repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome as they...

Emerson Network Power Announces a New Data Center Solution to Deliver Secure and Remote Virtual Infrastructure Management

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity, has introduced the Avocent Virtual Advanced Console Server 6000 (ACS v6000), a new tool for secure, remote data center and out-of-band management of virtual assets.

Expanding Your Console Space with Flat Displays

Communication centers that are standardized on or migrating to computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management systems for emergency services are becoming more familiar with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) flat panel technology as a preferred monitor platform. Beyond the "cool" factor of these slim displays there are many functional and ergonomic benefits associated with LCD panels in the construction of user consoles and furniture that justify the expense of this monitor technology.

From The Chair: The Chair Itself

Chairs that can do the job properly are not cheap, and they're certainly aren't found on sale at the local discount office supply store. Good dispatch chairs are rated for twenty-four hour use, and they carry a maximum load assurance right on them; usually 500 pounds or greater. The office supply chair that carries a weight rating above 250 pounds is rare, and "task" chairs are the worst of these.

Grime Prevention: Do Your Comm Center Consoles Need Cleaning?

Walk into any emergency dispatch facility today, no matter where, and look just beneath the surface. There you will find a disgusting mess worthy of a cable television reality show. Greasy grime. Dust bunnies running rampant. Coffee stains. Food particles deep inside cavities seemingly lost forever. Computers and radio equipment covered in filth.

Herman Miller's SAYL Chair Receives IDA Product Design of the Year

The SAYL chair from Herman Miller, Inc. was recently named Product Design of the Year from the 2010 International Design Awards (IDA) jury... SAYL is the first chair with a 3D Intelligent suspension back. This full-suspension back is literally frameless, offering no hard edges; this lets the chair adapt to a person's unique shape and movements, giving proper support all the while.

Herman Miller's SAYL Chair Recognized with Design Award

Herman Miller, Inc., along with Yves Behar and fuse Project, has been rewarded for challenging conventional work seating design by the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America and publicly announced on June 30, 2011, the program’s jury recognized the SAYL family of seating with a Silver IDEA award in the category of "Office & Productivity." The ergonomic, high performance, frameless seating solution is the first chair design...

Johnson County, Kansas Installs Treadmill Desks for 9-1-1 dispatchers

via - The Johnson County Communication Center in Olathe, Kan., has added four treadmill desks for 9-1-1 dispatchers, so dispatchers dealing with 9-1-1 calls can relieve some of that stress.

LA County selects Raytheon to upgrade public safety dispatch consoles for Sheriff, Fire Departments

Raytheon Company RTN has been chosen by Los Angeles County to replace legacy emergency dispatch consoles with new ones that can easily be expanded for emerging public safety technologies such as Long Term Evolution, a high-speed, wireless broadband data network.

Mountain View PD First to Trial Polaris Wireless Altus Blue Force Tracking Application

Polaris Wireless has partnered with the Mountain View (CA) Police Department (MVPD) to pilot the company’s Altus blue force tracking application to augment police safety measures at a recent area concert. Altus was used to locate and track over twenty uniformed and plain-clothes police officers during the two-day concert, during which the MVPD conducted approximately 100 arrests. During this pilot deployment, some officers were equipped with department-provided mobile phones, which were...

New 9-1-1 Unified ECC for Anderson County SC

In August 2012, the Anderson County Emergency Services Division deployed Avtec's Scout radio dispatch consoles to control emergency communications across 780 square miles of mountainous terrain in the upstate region of South Carolina. Its service area includes more than 300 square miles of shoreline on Lake Hartwell and supports the region's nearly 200,000 residents.

NPSTC Releases Important Public Safety Broadband Console Requirements Document

The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council’s Public Safety Broadband Console Requirements defines the public safety requirements for the functionality and interfaces for command and control consoles connected to the LTE network. This document is intended primarily for use by FirstNet to fully understand the mission requirements of the public safety community and to provide guidance on the design and Implementation of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN)

Pantel awarded California State Contract for Dispatch Consoles

The State of California has awarded a contract Pantel International for the supply of integrated radio dispatch consoles, with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as the primary customer. After an extensive procurement process, Pantel was the successful bidder for the CHP project, which will be implemented in multiple phases over the next several years.

Redefining the Human Machine Interface

Simultaneous auditory stimuli (e.g., radio and telephone transmissions) is a common occurrence within in the 9-1-1 communication center. Competition for the telecommunicator's attention and comprehension with receipt of two simultaneous verbal transmissions may result in critical information being missed or lost when switching between tasks. To better manage competing auditory activity, the telecommunicator needs a process to receive, analyze, and organize this activity in such a way that...

Richardson (TX) PSAP Accepts Avtec's IP-Based Radio Dispatch Consoles

The City of Richardson, Texas, with a population of nearly 100,000 residents, has accepted the Avtec ScoutTM CSSI radio dispatch console for its state-of-the-art 9-1-1 Communications Center. It is the first multi-vendor trunked radio system deployed in North America utilizing the APCO Project 25 Console Sub-System Interface (P25 CSSI) standard, which connects Avtec’s Internet Protocol (IP)-based consoles to the city's Cassidian P25 radio system. The 10 Scout consoles are a critical component...

Smaller Electronic Devices Create Growing ESD Problems for 9-1-1 Call Centers and Other Mission-Critical Environments

ESD (electrostatic discharge) has long been known as an 'invisible and silent threat,' but it is now generating a bit of a stir at data centers, emergency call centers, and other mission-critical environments. The reason for this heightened attention is a dramatic new study from NanoMarkets, which shows that smaller electronic components are creating much greater risks for electronic hardware manufacturers and many end users.

Solacom Completes Installation of Custom Call Handling Solution in Multi-County Colorado PSAP

Successful Install of Zetron's MAX Dispatch in Shoshone County

The Shoshone County, Idaho, sheriff's office recently completed a successful installation of Zetron's highly touted MAX Dispatch system. From the accounts of those involved in the project, the system's streamlined design, reliability and ease of use are setting the standard for what a next-generation dispatch console should be.

Trends in PSAP Console Furniture

The public safety and emergency communications industry moves at a fast pace. In an ever-changing environment - from the nature of calls taken, to shifting employee needs, to advances in technology - call center managers, supervisors, and dispatchers need to stay abreast of the latest industry trends. While new technologies and call center designs are clearly important, it's also crucial to acknowledge emerging trends in ergonomic console furniture. Well-designed workstations provide...

What's On Your Desktop? Monitors, Maps, and Manuals that Shape Our World

The tools of the 21st Century telecommunicator are as diverse as the duties he or she performs. Chances are good that some form of Computer Aided Dispatch graces the work space; however the size of the community served plays a major role in whether or not automation is used. According to a 1999 survey performed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 100% of municipalities serving 250,000 or more residents were computerized, while only 18% of towns with less than 2,500 people had gone digital.

Zetron Acom EVO system now P25 Phase II compliant

Zetron's Advanced Communications (Acom EVO) system is now Project 25 (P25) Phase II-compliant. A P25 Phase II installation of Acom EVO currently underway will make Zetron the first console manufacturer to interface with a Motorola ASTRO 25 Phase II system.

Zetron and Kodiak Partner to Integrate Broadband PTT with Zetron Consoles

Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications systems worldwide, is partnering with Kodiak, a leading provider of broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, to develop standardized IP interfaces that will seamlessly integrate the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution with Zetron dispatch consoles.

Zetron Leads Industry with over 3 Million Hours of P25 CSSI Operation

Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, announced that implementations of its Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) system [pictured] utilizing the TIA Project 25 (P25) Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) have logged more than 3 million hours of successful operation at customer sites throughout North and South America and Australia.

Zetron Leads Industry with over 5 Million Hours of P25 CSSI Operation

Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions worldwide, has announced that implementations of its Acom integrated dispatch system utilizing the TIA Project 25 (P25) Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) have logged more than 5 million hours of successful operation at customer sites throughout North and South America and Australia.

Zetron Releases Its NEW AcomNOVUS Console System

Based on Zetron’s proven Acom solution, AcomNOVUS utilizes an enterprise-class server architecture to build on the established Acom system that is used in complex communication centers throughout the world. As a result, AcomNOVUS delivers the unmatched customization for which Zetron’s Acom platform is known...

Zetron System Utilizing CSSI Tests Successfully with Harris P25 Phase-II Network

Zetron’s Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) console system equipped with the P25 Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) has just completed successful testing with Harris’s P25 Phase-II infrastructure.

Zetron's Acom EVO Dispatch Console Tests Successfully with Raytheon's P25 Mobile Radio System

Zetron's Advanced Communication (Acom) EVO radio dispatch console system has successfully completed TIA P25-based testing with Raytheon's P25net land mobile radio system. This demonstrates both manufacturers' commitment to interoperability, customer choice and open standards. It also demonstrates Zetron's continuing leadership in providing P25-compliant console systems.

Zetron's Dispatch System Supports Remote Dispatch

Zetron has launched Acom EVO, the new release of its Advanced Communication System. The new release retains the reliability, intuitive operation and flexible configuration for which Acom is known, but adds full IP-console capability that supports remote dispatch operations. It is also designed for use with emerging network technologies.

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